How Much Does Ford's Warranty Extension Cost?

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Sarah Johnson
Sarah JohnsonLicensed Agent

Posted on Feb 17, 2023

Ford's warranty extension can be costly, depending on the type of warranty you choose. The company offers a standard warranty, which covers most parts of the car for a certain period of time, and an extended warranty, which covers more parts of the car for a longer period of time. The standard warranty usually costs less than the extended warranty, but it may not cover as many parts of the car.

Ford also offers a powertrain warranty, which covers the engine and transmission, and a roadside assistance warranty, which covers towing and other services if your car breaks down. The powertrain warranty usually costs more than the standard warranty, but it covers more parts of the car. The roadside assistance warranty usually costs less than the powertrain warranty, but it covers fewer parts of the car.

If you're looking for extended coverage, it's important to compare the costs of the different warranties and decide which one is best for you. Ford's warranty extension can be a great way to protect your car, but it's important to understand what each warranty covers and how much it costs.

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