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If the airbags go off, is my car a total loss?

It depends. Airbags are designed to protect passengers in the event of a collision, and they can help reduce the severity of injuries. However, if the airbags deploy and the car is then involved in another collision, they may not be able to protect passengers as effectively. In some cases, the car m

Mar 23, 2023
How soon after an accident must I report it?

There is no specific time frame for reporting a car accident, but you should do so as soon as possible. In most states, you are required to report an accident if there is property damage or if someone is injured. Failing to report an accident can result in fines and other penalties.

Mar 23, 2023
How long does it take an insurance company to pay out on a damaged car?

There is no set time frame for how long an insurance company takes to pay out on a damaged car. Some companies may process and payout claims quickly, while others may take a bit longer. In general, it is advisable to allow at least two weeks for the insurance company to review the claim and process

Mar 23, 2023
Can you withdraw a total loss claim?

1. Yes, you can withdraw a total loss claim.2. You may be able to withdraw a total loss claim if you can show that the damage to your vehicle is not as bad as you first thought.3. You should speak to your insurance company if you want to withdraw a total loss claim.4. If your insurance company agree

Mar 23, 2023
How long does it take for an accident to show up on my driving record in California?

It takes about one year for an accident to show up on a driving record in California. If you are in an accident, you will likely receive a letter in the mail from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) informing you that your record has been updated.

Mar 23, 2023
How do I find out who my insurance company is?

1. To find out who your insurance company is, you can either call your insurance agent or visit your insurance company's website.2. Your insurance company's website will likely have a page where you can enter your policy number or name of the insurance company.3. Once you've entered your policy numb

Mar 23, 2023
What should you do if someone answers your door ding?

If someone answers your door ding, you should say hello and introduce yourself. If they don't seem to be home, or they don't want to talk, you can just leave.

Mar 23, 2023
How soon may you make a claim following an accident?

You should contact an attorney as soon as possible following an accident. There are typically time limits in which you must file a claim, and an attorney can help ensure that you meet all the necessary deadlines. Additionally, an attorney can help you build a strong case and maximize your compensati

Mar 23, 2023
How can I find out without paying for the information whether an automobile is insured?

There are a few different ways that you can find out whether or not an automobile is insured. One way is to contact the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in your state. The DMV will be able to tell you if the automobile is insured and, if it is not, they will be able to provide you with information

Mar 23, 2023
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