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Is Wisconsin a Lawful State for Lane Splitting?

There is no legal precedent in Wisconsin specifically addressing the legality of lane splitting. In general, however, Wisconsin law allows motorcycle operators to operate their vehicles in the same manner as any other vehicle on the road. This means that motorcycles are allowed to lane split when it

Mar 23, 2023
Is a Front Licence Plate Required in Wisconsin?

Yes, a front licence plate is required in Wisconsin. The law states that all vehicles registered in the state must have a front licence plate. The plate must be displayed in the same location as other state-issued plates on the front of the vehicle. Failure to have a front licence plate can result i

Mar 23, 2023
In the State of Wisconsin, Are Front Licence Plates Required?

In the state of Wisconsin, front licence plates are not required. However, many drivers choose to have them as a way to show their support for their state. Having a front licence plate can also make it easier for law enforcement officials to identify a vehicle in the event of a traffic stop or accid

Mar 23, 2023
Buckle Up: How Much Does a Seatbelt Ticket Cost in Wisconsin?

In Wisconsin, the cost of a seatbelt ticket varies depending on the county in which you are ticketed. generally, the cost ranges from $10 to $25. However, if you are ticketed for a second offense, the cost increases to $50.

Mar 23, 2023
Revisiting the State Legislation that Made Seatbelts Mandatory in Wisconsin

1) Seatbelts have been proven to save lives, and as a result, many states have made them mandatory.2) In Wisconsin, seatbelt use became mandatory in 1985.3) The law was not without controversy, but it has since been proven to be successful.4) Today, seatbelts are seen as a common sense safety measur

Mar 23, 2023
Making Sense Of Traffic Laws: Turning Right On Red In Wisconsin

In Wisconsin, motorists are allowed to turn right on a red light as long as there is no sign posted prohibiting the turn. The turn must be made in a safe and legal manner, and drivers should use caution when making the turn.There are a few things motorists should keep in mind when turning right on r

Mar 23, 2023
What to Do After an At-Fault Accident in Wisconsin?

If you are in an accident in Wisconsin and are determined to be at fault, there are a few things you need to do. First, you will need to contact your insurance company and report the accident. You will also need to notify the other driver or drivers involved in the accident. In addition, you should

Mar 23, 2023